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What is the name of the new irish pub on the king street in alexandria virginia?

Yes, there's Murphy's and the Irish times but I was in Alexandria a month or so ago and I saw they were getting ready to open a new Irish pub. I didn't catch the name though, sorry. It's where Bullfeather's used to be. And what about Bullfeather's? That place was there forever.

What is the name of the new irish pub on the king street in alexandria virginia?
Murphy's is on King Street -- is that the one you are thinking of?!

What Is Your Irish Name?

spelling and what does it mean?

Mine: Sleven-- Mountain

What Is Your Irish Name?
I'm Irish as in I'm actually Irish(born in Ireland) and my name is Eoin(pronounced Owen). It means 'The Lord is Gracious'.
Reply:mine is steve ntoo

Happy st Patick's day
Reply:Shamus O'leprechaun
Reply:Paddy 'O Furniture !
Reply:aaron o'brien

paper flower

What's a good alter ego name using the words: Black and Irish?

Say you are an African-American, and your influenced with everything about Ireland. And you call yourself Black Irish but there is one problem, Black Irish is taken for something else for Ireland description. So you have to use something else as an ego, using Black and Irish. An alter ego in general.

would like the alter ego to have like a ring to it like Barack Ombama.

Can you top: Black Clover, Black Angus, Celtic Ebony, Irish Black or I-Lack

What's a good alter ego name using the words: Black and Irish?
Doyle: It's an Irish name that means "dark stranger"
Reply:shaquille o'neal
Reply:Lucky N i g g a



In Need of Suggestions of Beautiful Irish Names for Fraternal Twin Girls?

We just found out on Wednesday, that these miracles that I am carrying are fraternal, and are both girls. We are drawing a total blank on what to name them, as we thought we would have at least one girl.

The babies will join big brother, Finley John. Their middle names have already been decided, they will be named after their grandmothers, Anna and Leigh.

In Need of Suggestions of Beautiful Irish Names for Fraternal Twin Girls?
Colleen %26amp; Nora

Cara %26amp; Moreen

Quinn %26amp; Riona

Sinead %26amp; Nessa
Reply:I love Irish names for girls. My daughter is named Logan Colleen, which is very Irish. I love that name so much and it fits her perfectly. I also like...

Mairead (pronounced muh-rade)

Eabha (pronounced Ava)

Cadhla (pronounced Kyla)

Sinead (pronounced shan-aid)


Maeve (or if you want to spell it the traditional Irish way, Meab)




Aislinn (pronounced ash-lin)

Maolisa (pronounced muh-leesa)

Aileen (pronounced ay-leen)

Cayleen (pronounced kay-leen)

Cilleen (pronoounced kuh-leen)

Ailis (pronounced ay-lish)

These are all so beautiful, and yes, I know they're unique, but that's sort of what appeals to me about these names. They have a sort of exotic beauty to them. I think they'd all sound good with Leigh, and most would sound good with Anna. I really hope you like these!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Reply:I love the irish name Aoife ( ee-fah ) and Naeve. ( I have tons of irish names in my family)

What do you think of the following?








Maret ( muh-ray ) also spelled Mairead

Congrats on the babies!!!!!

Reply:Riley Anna %26amp; Teagan Leigh

Cadence Anna %26amp; Kiara Leigh

Grace Leigh %26amp; Brielle Anna

Leila Leigh %26amp; Ailey Anna

Callie Leigh %26amp; Katie Anna

Meghan Leigh %26amp; Abigail Anna

Fallyn Leigh %26amp; Allyna Anna

Fiona Leigh %26amp; Nora Anna ( I think this is my favorite )

Olive Leigh %26amp; Kate Anna

Brenna Leigh %26amp; Kaitlin Anna

Shauna Leigh %26amp; Falon Anna

Congratulations on the girls!

%26amp; I wish you the best!!!



Reply:Here are some beautiful Irish names I've always loved!

Delainey (actually is an Irish last name, but can be shortened to Lainey)


Aislinn (means bright light)






Riona (means queen)



Good luck to you!!!
Reply:Congratulations :)

Caoimhe (kee-va)

Caireann (care-in)

Niamh (neeve)

Siobhan (shi-vawn)

Aoife (ee-fa)

Caoilainn (kay-lin)

Eibhleann (eve-lin)

Kyna (key-na)

Ro铆s铆n (rosheen)

Saoirse (seer-sha)

Hope I helped :)
Reply:how about

Rose Anna .. or you can join it Roseanna, you can call her "rosie" :)

Marie Anna... or Marianne

Casey Leigh

Cecilia Leigh

Caitlin Leigh, or Kaitlin Leigh

Catherine Leigh

Christy Leigh

hope you like them! best wishesss %26lt;3
Reply:Cara Leigh (means friend) Bridgette (exalted one) Ann

Brielle, Brianna, Caitlyn, Kylie, Kelsie, Moira, Alannah, Shannon, and Aisling are also really nice. My fav names are Irish!
Reply:Siobh谩n Anna

Sadbh Anna

R贸is铆n Anna

Aoibheann Anna

Niamh Anna

Ciara Leigh

脕ine Leigh

Sin茅ad Leigh

Cl铆ona Leigh

Br贸nagh Leigh

Sorcha Leigh

Saoirse Leigh

Ailbhe Leigh
Reply:Bridget Leigh

Cassidy Leigh

Fallon Leigh

Keira Leigh

Kaitlin Anna

Rosaleen Anna

Teagan Anna

Deirdre Anna
Reply:Teagan Leigh and Caitlin Anna

Riley Anna and Grace Leigh

Leila Anna and Kiera Leigh

Reply:Leila Anna.

Bree Anna.

Sheila Anna.

Meghan Leah.

Tara Leah.

Maeve Leah.
Reply:alana its irish it means brings warmth!

caera wich means a friend

fianna wich is a woman worrior

fiona means femenine
Reply:Aoife (ee-fa) or Eva

Aine (awn-ya) or Anya





Good Luck












Teagan Anna %26amp; Keira Leigh sound lovely!
Reply:bridget, ashleen, cassidy, casey ,marie
Reply:Maeve Anna and Bridget Leigh are beautiful! :)
Reply:Chloe, Caitlin, Ella, Zoey, Rachel. There is more on this website.













Ciara (Kee-rah)









Reply:Kathleen and Colleen
Reply:I think Erin is the ultimate Irish girl name
Reply:naive is a lovely irish name

Where did the last name of SHOULDERS Name come from? Is it IRISH?

This is what I found for you in relation to the surname *Shoulders*

Surname: Shoulders

This most interesting surname may have arisen from either of two possible sources. Firstly, it may be of Anglo-Saxon origin, as a nickname for someone with broad shoulders, or some peculiarity of the shoulders, from the Olde English pre 7th Century word "sculdor", meaning shoulder. There is also a possibility, however, that the surname may be a variant of "Shouler, Shoveller", which is a metonymic occupational name for a maker or seller of shovels or for someone who regularly used a shovel in his work, from the Olde English element "scofl", and Middle English "schovel", derivatives of "scufan", to push, shove. The surname from the former source first appears in the early 12th Century (see below), while other early examples of the surname include: Robert Schuldre (Norfolk, 1275); William le Schovelere (Oxford, 1301); Simon Shulder (Sussex, 1327); and Nicholas Shouler, Schoveler (Essex, 1366). In the modern idiom the variants of the name include Shouler, Showler, Shoulders and Shoveller. Mary Shoulder, daughter of John Shoulder, was christened on November 27th 1594 at St. Margaret's, Westminster, London, while Margaret Shoulder married Stephen Mount on September 17th 1638 at St. Dunstan's, Stepney, London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Ran Sculdur, which was dated circa 1100, in the "Old English Bynames of Devon", during the reign of King Henry 1, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Hope this helps.

Where did the last name of SHOULDERS Name come from? Is it IRISH? shows the surname Shoulders as being English or Slavik.

Shoulders Name Meaning and History

1. English (mainly Sussex): from Middle English schulder 鈥榮houlder鈥? a nickname for someone with exceptionally broad shoulders or some deformity or other peculiarity of the shoulders.

2.Americanized form of Slovenian 艩olar (see Sholar).

Sholar Name Meaning and History

Anglicized spelling of Slovenian 艩olar, status name for an educated person or a teacher, someone in charge of a school, from an agent derivative of 拧ola 鈥榮chool鈥?

However, it does have immigration records from both England and Ireland to the US. There is also a Shoulders message board with about 50 messages from people researching the Shoulders surname. You can click on this link if you are interested in seeing what they have to say or even post your own message. It is free.
Reply:Yes it is IRISH.

growing begonia

What's a good name for a male Irish Wolfhound?

Here is a great site with thousands of dog names to choose from

What's a good name for a male Irish Wolfhound?
I do hope you find that perfect name. Good luck!! Thanks %26amp; have a great day!!! Report Abuse

Reply:Murphy sounds good to me.
Reply:How about Ivan
Reply:Shaughnessy.. and call him Shaun. "Shaughnessy is also a gaelic first name meaning shadow warrior. it is very rare for children to be named this because it means that they are to be very gifted at something when they grow up. a clan chief must give this name to a child."
Reply:Rory -- the name of Brad Pitt's (Irish) character in "The Devil's Own". I always wanted to use it, but never have.
Reply:How about BAD?

Cause you gots a Big A$$
Reply:Irish xD


Rocky, short for Shamrock




Just a bunch of Irish names there. =]
Reply:Little Bear is wat my best friend named her's, otherwise id suggest Rocky or Ithanty.
Reply:Put it -Like You-

not ur name, I mean like that -Like You-


Put Julie like me :p
Reply:hemingway or jameson
Reply:Irish Wolfhound need a good name

Here are some

Gaelic names

Clancey, Flynn, Rowan, Brodie, Aiden, Bowie

Brendon Gaelic means prince

Rory, Ryan and Rain(RIE an) Gaelic, they all means King

Rex and Regis are latin and means King

Conan Gaelic means little wolf hound

Foalon gaelic means little wolf

Phelan gaelic means little wolf

Rudy means famous wolf

I think these will be good strong names for a Irish Wolfhound

Yes put it Pushy!! Please
Reply:Scruffy, Patch, Sandy? hope this helps.!
Reply:Scotty is a GREAT name and its very original too good luck bi
Reply:ok my friend has 2 irish wolfhounds and she used to have one other one and there names are/were Joey, Chester, and Cosmo
Reply:I named mine "Irish Bailey" call name Bailey;~)


Reply:Balto!LOL I just visited alaska and had to watch that movie w/ my cousin. try something ironic like shortie,tiny,lassy

Irish name for Shamrock?


Irish name for Shamrock?

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This article is about the three-leaf clover; for other meanings of the term, see shamrock (disambiguation)

The shamrock, an unofficial symbol of Ireland and Boston, Massachusetts, is a three-leafed young white clover, sometimes (rarely nowadays) Trifolium repens (white clover, known in Irish as seamair bh谩n) but more usually today Trifolium dubium (lesser clover, Irish: seamair bhu铆). However, other three-leafed plants 鈥?such as black medic (Medicago lupulina), red clover (Trifolium pratense), and Common wood sorrel (genus Oxalis) 鈥?are sometimes designated as shamrocks. The shamrock was traditionally used for its medical properties and was a popular motif in Victorian times. It is also a common way to represent Saint Patricks day, a holiday celebrated on March 17.
Reply:Seamr贸g is the Irish name for shamrock. The word is a combination ot two words 'seamair 贸g' which means 'young (贸g) clover (seamar)
Reply:"Seamroy" as called by the Celts, considered a sacred plant in Ireland.Also signals the rebirth of spring, then later a symbol of emerging Irish nationalism.