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Is Michael an irish name? Does it have to be micheal to be considered irish?

My sons middle name is michael. I intended it to be irish as well as just like his dads. 2 years later i discover that my husbands birth certificate says micheal. everything in recent history has michael on it. this includes his military papers, the motgage, our marrage certificate and our sons birth certificate. am i just makeing a big deal out of nothing or what? i should mention that i dislike my mother in law so that would be the only person who points out the birth certificate thing. my own husband didn't even know until he needed his birth certificate. yes i know he probably needed it to get into the service. i guess he didn't notice or didn't tell me. I am a little upset but on the other hand everyone I know spells Michael with ae not ea. What does everyone else think?

Is Michael an irish name? Does it have to be micheal to be considered irish?
In Irish the name Michael is spelt M铆che谩l and is pronounced mee-hall. No matter what language it is spelt in, it is still the same name so you shouldn't worry about it too much.
Reply:My grandson's is spelled Mikel. I know many people today who deliberately choose alternate spellings for the purpose of being distinctive.

If you hang out here for any length of time, you'll hear us point out that names DO NOT HAVE proven nationalities or origins, and what you consider it to "be" is only your own personal custorm or preference. The only time spelling might really matter is if someone compares his id to the birth certificate, or if you are using a search engine like google (and even google is programmed to say "do you mean %26lt;fill in the blank%26gt;.

Mothers in law- I have the world's BEST mother in law, and my daughter's mother in law might go down in history as the worst. But that probably works best in family and relationships section.

With a FRIENDLY hug... yep, I do think you are making a big deal out of nothing. Let us entice you into tracing ancestors, and misspellings become standard operating procedure.
Reply:Michael is a name used all over the world and is actually of Hebrew origin. I don't think it matters if you spell it ae or ea. Here are some links with more information:



Reply:What I think is that 1) your mother-in-law can't spell, and 2) genealogy is generally about research and documentation of dead ancestors. Categorize your question in the appropriate category - you will receive better and more relevant answers.
Reply:Alpha is right. Though Michael is a Hebrew name. The Irish spell it Micheal and pronounce it Mee Hall in Irish Gaelic.
Reply:They say Mitchell is from Micheal and its Hebrew from the Archangel Micheal it can be spelled many ways Michel,Micheal,Michell,Mitchel,Mitchell,... It was brought to the British Isles by Missionaries and from The Normans who said it in the old French Norman of Michelle

Hebrew: Who is like the Lord; An archangel of Jewish and Christian scripture, Michael is portrayed as a warrior and leader of heaven's armies who defeats and casts out the dragon in the Book of Revelation. Michael has been such a popular name throughout history that a list of famous Michaels would contain hundreds of individuals, including emperors, politicians, writers, poets, actors, sports heroes, and more. . See also Miguel, Misha

(Hebrew) Mika, Mikel; (Latin) Mikelle; (Greek) Mikhalis, Mikhos; (French) Michel; (Italian) Michele; (Spanish) Migel, Migueo; (Gaelic) Micheil; (Irish) M铆che谩l; (Welsh) Mihangel; (Scandinavian) Mikael, Mikell, Mikkel; (Basque) Miquel; (Slavic) Miko; (Russian) Mikhail, Mischa; (Polish) Michal; (Ukrainian) Mychajlo; (Finnish) Mikko; (Hungarian) Mihaly ; Maichail, Micah, Michail, Micael, Mical, Michiel, Mihail, Mikol, Mycah, Mychal, Mykal, Mykell;

Familiar forms: Mick, Mickey, Miikka, Mike, Micky, Mikey, Miky;

Diminutive forms: Mishenka;

Irish variant is M铆che谩l
Reply:Its hebrew and it means 'who is like god'

Sorry, its not Irish.
Reply:The following Wikipedia web site lists the most popular given names by country:


In Ireland, Michael places at number nine while in Malta Michael is the third most popular name. In Austria and in Denmark, "Michael" and "Mikkel" respectively show at number seven.

Just an educated guess, but Michael is probably a fairly common given name in most European countries perhaps because Christians and Jews have historically associated it with the Archangel, Michael. The Qur'an also refers to that Archangel as "Mikhal".

Reply:So, your son's middle name is Michael, and you can't even spell it the same way twice.

And Hans (are) B(rown) below me, YOU SHOULD APOLOGIZE! The person asked if it was an Irish name, and you hurt their feelings by creating the name and making it not Irish. Don't you feel bad you all powerful being? You Omniscient one?

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  1. At the risk of beating a 'dead horse' by now ... my name is Michael, and I've done quite a lot of research on it. Most posters have already pointed out most, i.e. the Irish pronunciation and spelling and that it was originally found in the Hebrew. The only thing I can add is an odd twist: it is the only name I know that is actually a *question*. Its original meaning is 'Who is like unto God?" It is not a statement, but a question.